St. Johns Lutheran Cemetery

St. John’s (German) Lutheran Cemetery is one of six cemeteries located in the 1800 block of Omaha Street. The property was acquired by the church in 1879 and contains approximately 3,000 grave sites. As of January 2017, an estimated 700 plots remain available for sale. The price for a “regular” lot is $600; a “non-traditional lot” sells for $400. Burial plots can be purchased by contacting Donna Meier at 715-450-0294 or e-mail

Cemetery Policy Highlights

  • Grave site sales are on a first-come basis and shall be made available to members and nonmembers alike.
  • The interment of two bodies in one grave will not be allowed, except in the case of a mother and infant, twin children, two children buried at the same time, or one casket and one cremation.
  • From one to four cremains will be allowed on a single gravesite.
  • All interments shall be made in a permanent outer casket or urn.
  • All burials must have a permanent marker installed within six months of interment. Only bronze or granite memorials are permitted.
  • Planting of trees, shrubs, hedges, or any ground level plants or installation of fences, enclosures or memorial flame or solar-powered devices is not permitted.
  • The cemetery grounds are maintained by St. John’s Lutheran Church.
  • Dogs are not permitted on cemetery grounds.

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