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Easter Sunrise Cemetery Service

Sunday, April 4th, 2021

Omaha St.

6:41am at the St. John's Cemetery

We began planning for Holy Week months ago guessing that returning to in person worship would not be feasible by early April. That led us to plan two special meditative times at St. John’s Cemetery located north of Omaha Street near the corner of Holms Avenue. This is west of Starr Avenue and north of Birch Street.

First, you are welcome to gather at St. John’s Cemetery for a brief meditation on loss at sunset, Good Friday, April 2nd, at 7:37 p.m. We will go live on Facebook with a smartphone also at this time. Second, you are welcome to gather to greet the new day on Easter at sunrise at the cemetery at 6:41 a.m., and participate in a brief liturgy. Again, this will be live on Facebook. Below are the two brief liturgies which you are welcome to use in your home on these days.