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Labyrinth Walk

Wednesday, April 17th, 2019

  • Labyrinth Walk

During Holy Week

Please come and walk the labyrinth which will be placed on the floor of the promise room during the time of Holy Week

Where will your spiritual journey take you on the labyrinth?

(April 15 to April 19)

In the Promise Room

Monday (9am-4:30pm)

Tuesday (9am-4:30pm)

Wednesday (9am-4:30pm)

Maundy Thursday (9am-4:30pm, 6-7pm)

Good Friday (9am-Noon, 6-7pm)

To walk and pray the labyrinth is a spiritual discipline that many people find valuable and re-centering.  It takes you on a spiritual journey; it creates space to unwind and to think and pray – about your relationship with God and your relationships with others.  The path of the labyrinth has three stages: the ‘inward’ journey… the center… and the ‘outward’ journey.  On the ‘inward’ journey, you are encouraged to let go of all those things which get in the way of your relationship with God - your faith journey.  The center is a space for quiet, meditative prayer for whatever needs or issues the spirit leads you to.  And on the ‘outward’ journey, your focus turns outward – to your relationships with others and God’s creation.